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The process of clearing ones nose without the assistance of tissues.

The act involves blocking one nostril with your finger while blowing snot out of the uncovered nostril onto the ground.

This must be executed with a high level of pressure to avoid the snot getting stuck on the outside of the nostril.
Hey man, have you got a tissue by any chance?

What do you want a tissue for? Use the Irish Whip.

What the fuck is an Irish Whip?

Block one nostril with ya finger and blow out.

*performs Irish Whip* Oh fuck yeah, I can't believe I've been using tissues all my life when you can easily perform the Irish Whip.
by Froffies McVeigh September 20, 2016
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When you put Irish cream on your penis and your partner sucks it off. They then swish it around in their mouth before spitting it in your mouth. You then make out passionately.
That bitch O'Donnell gave me the best Irish whip of my life oh my fucking god.
by Bigmansam August 05, 2015
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to strike another person in the face with a penis or dildo.
"I got the black eye when Jeremy gave me an Irish whip."
by hvyduty December 20, 2016
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