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A large balloon filled with hot salt water and marbles, fired from a giant water balloon slingshot. This weapon of mass destruction was first used on the battle field, on a snowy day in New England, when Fahhkin Quincy kids declared war on Fahhkin North Quincy kids, and they met at Pageant Field to battle it out in an epic snowball fight. As the battle ensued, a shadowy, yet unusually well endowed Irish figure emerged from the woods, launching large white balls which resembled giant snowballs from a large slingshot-like device. Upon hitting their targets, it was clear they were not snowballs, but instead a balloon like object filled with marbles and hot salt water. The devastation caused each time a ball was launched sent the Fahhkin North Quincy kids running back to the McDonalds across from North Quincy High School, where they sat licking their wounds and wondering who the shadowy, yet well endowed, Irish figure was that single handedly ended their epic snowball fight on that fateful day, using the weapon that is now known as the 'Irish Snowball'
Dude that shadowy yet well endowed Irish figure firing Irish Snowballs, came out of nowhere. We never stood a chance!
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by tommybombs February 09, 2017
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When somebody spits cum into a cup of green mouthwash, and somebody else unknowingly drinks it.
Dude, I got irish snowballed from the chick I was bangin' earlier tonight; what gives?
by TheScud March 22, 2009
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