c'mon, admit it! The Iphone 5 design was the best design in Apple History...even better than round edges
Man 1: bro, i just got the latest iPhone, the iPhone 12!!!

Man 2: sweet! is it the mini?

Man 1: nah I don't like to have a phone that is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket... the Iphone 12 mini and the Iphone 5 sucks ba-

Man: *punches* you do NOT have the right to call the Iphone 5 that way u selfless human being
by on October 23, 2020
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It's the most innovative phone Apple ever made, really?
iPhone 5 is same shit as the iPhone 4S,just a bit taller.. Oh damn, really innovative!
Greger Kim has an iPhone 5, but not an iPhone 4S
by Barre Jarre October 1, 2012
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Something people who have an iPhone 4S but have never used an iPhone 5 would call terrible.
George: Dude the iPhone 5 sucks. My iPhone 4S is better.
Mike: You've never even used an iPhone 5. And you're wrong.
by nobadguy September 29, 2012
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think of the iPhone 4S as a white guys penis. now think of the iPhone 5 as a black guys penis. that's the iPhone 5 for you, just bigger than the last...
White Guy #1:hey man look at my iPhone 4S

White Guy #2: not bad, but didn't you get the new iPhone 5?

White Guy #1: Not yet, but that thing is supposed to be bigger than this one.

Black Guy: it sure is. it's as big as my dick... SUCK IT!
by Sitbackandlaugh October 27, 2012
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the greatest iphone to ever have existed and tops even the new iphones and andriods
guy 1: ew is that an iphone 5?
guy 2: shut the fuck up you communist
by wracnacs September 25, 2018
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