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An all boys private high school located in the suburbs of Westchster County New York. Iona Prep consists of mostly kids from neighboring towns who have money and don't want to attend the atrocious local public schools. Because of this, Iona Prep boys have an arrogance about them and often walk around Westchester as if they are better than everyone. Iona has good academics, and even better sports with their lacrosse, football, baseball, track and field, and basketball teams all winning championships in recent years. Their archival is Fordham Prep and although the schools like to go back on forth on whose a better school, the one thing they agree on is that they are better and richer than everyone else in Westchester.
Person 1: Do you go to New Rochelle High School?
Person 2: No, Iona prep.
Person 1: *gets mad* "Why is public school not good enough for you?"
Person 2: No it's not, now shut up or i'll buy you
by sean1233 March 06, 2017
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A school located in New Rochelle, NY. It is mostly attended by spoiled, rich, white kids who think and act like they are thugs. They tend to look down on people who attend public schools.
P.S. Kid:"Hey what's up bro, you go to New Rochelle High School?"
Iona Kid: "Nah man, I go to Iona Prep, gang gang."
P.S. Kid: "What is there a problem with Public Schools."
Iona Kid: "Yeah nigga they aint good enough for me, now shut up before I buy you."
by Pinhead Larry123 April 04, 2017
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Iona Prep, located in New Rochelle, New York, has a long rivalry with Fordham Prep located on Fordham Road in the Bronx. Considered to have better athletics program but inferior academics, many Iona alumni can be seen at your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Nevertheless, if theres one thing Iona and Fordham kids can agree on its that the kids who can't get into either go to Stepanac.
"I saw a Iona Prep alumni today on Fordham road, he asked me for a dollar"

"Iona offered me a scholarship, but I still went to Fordham"

"There are actually some cool kids at Iona, but they are poorly represented by a few angry kids who want to fight you over anything."
by BubbleTrouble March 22, 2013
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