When someone (typically a college student) has a fanciful desire to consume alcohol with some fellow mates and get crazy intoxicated, but doesn't have anyone to do so with (due to no close friends or social groups). They are most likely still an alcohol virgin because of this.
High school friend: Hey bud haven't seen you in a long time! How ya been?

Me: Pretty good, university life has been pretty awesome and wild here. Exams are coming soon though so it's getting pretty stressful

High school friend: That's nice! Nothing like a few shots of tequila to help alleviate all that stress

Me: Oh I don't drink alcohol

High school friend: Oh why not? Are you practicing abstinence?!

Me: Bruh of course not, it's just that I have involuntary abstinence...

High school friend: Ah, I understand.
by UltimateDoge October 02, 2019
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The sufferings of a loser that refrains from sex, simply because he cannot get any
Hey John, have you lost your v-card yet?
No, I am suffering from involuntary abstinence.
Oh, sorry bro, that sucks.
by xCynicaLManiaCx March 12, 2013
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