A species rarely seen outside schools, invigilators are peculiar, quiet creatures. Although they can be both genders, they are mostly female. When communicating, they whisper, although they talk very little. The favourite activity of an invigilator is to watch students as they despair over their futures.
"Here we see the rarely spotted invigilator, approaching it's natural habitat, the exam room."
by WEALLOVEHIM...ITSgavin May 18, 2017
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A made up word for use in replacing the word proctor at stupid universities.
The exam was supervised by the invigilator.
by A vary reliable source December 26, 2015
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the sorry sucker who volunteers to watch a bunch of pubescent children take a standardized test, instead of sleeping in on a Saturday morning.
1: "Hey, do you want to go do something on Friday night?"
2: "I would, but I am the invigilator Saturday"
by QueenEJizabeth October 27, 2014
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the act of trying to chase each other around the room in a grid fashion, much like pac man, but for exam invigilators
dude i'm so bored, let's play invigilator pac-man
by karos May 30, 2013
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