Someone who stands up for girls on the internet they barely know, hopefully so they can engage in sexually intercourse with them. Usually males. They are douches who can't get none in real life
Internet Forum:

xxsomegirlxx: Hay guys like my pic?? -posts pic-

dude001: No, not really, your sorta ugly

man12: wow, your pic is a myspace angle

lulzftw009: show us another at a differnet angle, PICS NAO!

WHITEKNIGHT!!: Guyys, leave her alone. She's just a girl on the internet, and your harrasing her. (the lecture will probably go for a couple paragraphs) yeah, don't be so desparate.

by abstractsplash January 06, 2009
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A desperate guy on the internet who will do anything to defend women, even if they are in the wrong. Logic and rationality are not his virtues. He hopes that defending women on the internet might somehow increase his chances of getting laid.
Man 1 - She only wants him for his money. She is a gold digger.

Internet white knight - Don't talk about her like that. She is a woman. So what if he wants money from men?

Man 1 - Aren't men and woman equal? Shouldn't she pay her own bills instead of making the man pay?

Internet white knight - (Speechless)
by Awwfwwj January 26, 2014
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Internet White Knight also known as White Knight's, are individual's whom are usually quick to defend those which are assumed to be female. White Knights have expectations that some brownie points will be earned for defending women on the internet. Internet White Knights are notable on most online video games and are often easily to spot after trolling females.

Internet White knights never get laid, nude pictures, phone numbers, or any type of reward when saving the damsel in distress.
BoBtheTaco: Hey John watch this.

PornTrooper: Okay.

BoBtheTaco: Hey elizabeth2010 isn't your call of duty to the

XxEm0Soldier420xX: Hey leave her alone you fat ugly nerd.

BoBtheTaco: saving her won't get you in her pants Internet White Knight.
by FloodedFloors September 20, 2010
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