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Trolldin is considered the chief god in Troll mythology and Lol paganism.

His name is related to 'trol' meaning "excitation," "fury," or "trollry," and his role, like many of the Troll pantheon, is complex: he is god of e-wisdom, internet war, battle, and e-death.
(Taken from Encyclopedia Dramatica)
Consistent with this, Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda depicts Trolldin as welcoming the great dead warriors who have been IRL Powerworded in battle into his hall, Lawlzhalla, which when literally interpreted, signifies the 'Hall of the Named'. These fallen, the Powerworded, are assembled and entertained by Trolldin in order that they in return might fight for and support the gods in the final battle of the end of the world, Ragnarรถfl.
by Timolas November 13, 2007
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