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A person who uses the internet deftly and creatively to answer questions that people ask them with superhuman speed and quality of result.
Person 1 - "What's the name of that song that Van Morrison sings from the 9 months sound track?"
Person 2 - "Let me look"
2 seconds pass and Person 1 receives an IM for the file transfer of the song.
Person 1 - "Dude, you are a total Internet Savant."
Person 2 - " /bow "
by Biffb March 29, 2007
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1) One who possesses great brilliance when it comes to using the internet, but can barely function in every other aspect of life.

2) One who can retrieve any fact known to humankind using the internet, but retains none of the (useful) knowledge.

3) That person who is always showing everyone viral videos.
1) - Sorry, I couldn't make it to dinner. Google maps wasn't working.

- So use a real map! Man, you're such an internet savant.

2) - Oh, I think I read something about that law.

- Do you think it will pass in Congress?

- Um, what's Congress? Sorry, I'm an internet savant sometimes.

3) - Geez, I don't think we have time for another cat video. How do you find all these things?

- I guess I'm just an internet savant.
by Harmonica John December 27, 2010
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