A variant of the English word "Interesting" used to convey that, along with interest, there is a degree of curiosity associated with the statement as well.
Person 1: "Wow, did you know that cat urine glows under ultraviolet light"
Person 2: "Interdasting . . . I'll go get the cat"
by The Otter Dictionary June 4, 2015
A term used to describe a proposal, idea, or theory that an imbecile may find compelling or interesting. Something that is interdasting not only indicates that the idea is idiotic, but also the person who expressed said idea.
Amanda: Damn I need a bus ticket but all I have is a one dollar bill...and they don't give change.

Donald: I think if you rip a dollar bill in half, each half is worth 50 cents.

Amanda: Hmm....interdasting! (sarcastic eye roll)
by KakashiBallZ April 7, 2016
A way to tell someone that what they are telling you is so interesting, someone with a mental disability and speech issue would love to hear more.
Billy: James, I told your mom her cake was really good but was better with ice cream.

James: Very interdasting...
by Shicky7758 September 27, 2017
Matt: I suck my toes every time I finish a starbuck's Frappe
Eugene: Wow, interdasting.

by Prisscription May 2, 2018
You use this word when you want to say something is not interesting in an subtle way. You hope the other person thinks it is a spelling mistake.
Man 1: I like toast.
Man 2: Interdasting.
by NewNick April 27, 2015