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The act of shotgunning a beer from the direct bottom of the can, rather than from a hole in the side, double dildo style. Created at The Randy Goose bar in West Philadelphia, it has become something of a local staple because of the odd execution, forcing the participant to look straight in the air to avoid spilling the drink.
I did like 4 Randy Goose Shotguns last night, It was wild . . .
by The Otter Dictionary October 12, 2017
A variant of the English word "Interesting" used to convey that, along with interest, there is a degree of curiosity associated with the statement as well.
Person 1: "Wow, did you know that cat urine glows under ultraviolet light"
Person 2: "Interdasting . . . I'll go get the cat"
by The Otter Dictionary June 4, 2015
The paycheck that you receive on the off period of paying rent, so it can be dedicated to fun ether than going towards rent.
I got my playcheck yesterday, I'm gonna be a high roller tonight.
by The Otter Dictionary October 16, 2015
A term used to define heavy metal music in which the lead singer makes loud indeterminable screaming noises
Asking Alexandria makes quite a lot of screech porn
by The Otter Dictionary March 12, 2015
A maneuver in racket sports, most commonly tennis, where the athlete his a ball with the backside of their weak hand while spinning to return the ball.
Federer just had to finagle a bagel to win his match, that was incredible
by The Otter Dictionary March 13, 2015