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last definition for this word was shitty and pretentious.

the Inter-Ac Tuxedo is a theory, not a precise outfit. it takes different shapes as the earth rotates and the seasons change. in the summer, "the Tux" sees backward New Era hats for all teams other than the Phillies. During Summer days, baggy Jordan shorts, black nike socks, nikeID dunks, and killer UVA lax pinnys are worn. But during summer nights, gr8 brands like Lacoste get paired with pink Polo hats and rockstar shades.

in the winter, the tux takes on a new form. Fresh off the conclusion of another action packed InterAc football season, sluggers from THS, MP, PC, and GA will throw on their letterman jackets, celebrating their 8 game seasons in style, and reminiscing over the narrow victory over a Philadelphia Public League Team.
Yo check out James 'Chip' Barrington, he's across the street in his The Haverford School: '08 InterAc Champs: The Perfect Season (5-3 record) letterman jacket. What an iscariot. Hate to see him in an Inter-Ac Tuxedo, instead of a delco tuxedo
by boss hamilton November 29, 2011
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A style of dress replete with accessories and raiment from top to bottom. The tuxedo is adapted by both male and females. the female version is as follows:

face: gucci sunglasses. this is a virtual given

dress: expensive, preferably black. shiny. low cut, so off as much legs as possible. inherently slutty.

footwear: heels. uncomfortable. (nota bene-during the day heels are exchanged for birkenstocks or uggs)

handbag: expensive, large, leather. screams of slut and trust fund (inside handbag typically is a credit card with access to the trust fund)


hat: LA Dodgers most frequently. NEVER a Phillies hat.

face: infrequent sunglasses usage

shirt: ranges in variety. Quite often a Jordan jumpman t-shirt, even if they have never played a second of competitive basketball. Pinnies of their respective school are also frequently worn (quite often by those that have performed pullups on scaffolding in center city). Polo shirts make their appearance as well.

shorts: cargo in the summer, jeans in the winter.

(nota bene-some people who wear iac tuxedos are too large for cargo shorts (those 6'5 and over) and are subsequently relegated to gym shorts and a pinny)

socks: black nike crew socks, pulled up high

shoes: new balance, gray. (often times "jumpman" tuxedos will be accompanied by Nike Dunks created on Nikeid). For certain occasions, birkenstocks.
1. yo, check out that broad in the inter-ac tuxedo. she just went into the cosi.

2. oh my god, that kid in the inter-ac tuxedo over there was first team all league at The Haverford School! There are only 5 teams in the league, so its a real prestigious selection. He is definitely not from Delaware County
by Boss Hamilton December 18, 2010
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