The word insite refers to one member in the guild "Insite" on and can also be used as an adjective.
Wow! He really is a member of Insite.
That was quite an insite move on your part by using the Duels Overlay made by Zani.

That is crazy! He was really selected to be one of 125 in the exclusive top 10 duels guild Insite?!
by relieveing July 13, 2021
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the best female fortnite player aka ashley ps 😼
dayum insitate you’re nasty asf
by Insitate June 29, 2021
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“Insitate is one of the best female fortnite players” - plalism
by Plalism September 19, 2021
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Insits: (v) When a cat insists upon sitting in an inconvenient and/or inappropriate place, such as literally any paper, the sink, your face, etc.
I tried to move the cat, but he insitsted on remaining in the backpack.
by AreYouFoucaultingKidding February 28, 2019
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Basically when a group of people who are quite close or best friends are chatting playing a game or having a laugh while sharing insite jokes, and a real crazy random person who is not a part of the group comes along to the group and tries to join in their insite jokes by announcing something really crazy and random, that is jsut considered as "Insite Weirdness"
Group of best friends playing uno a person (who weren't even a part of the group) comes along

Random crazy person "Hey what you playing?"

Best friend 2 "Uno"

Random crazy person "I got an idea lets not play uno lets play plizza"

Best friend 1 "What?"

Best friend 2 "He is too crazy lets just not envolve him in this"

(Group agree)

Random crazy person just sits and watches the game.

Later someone places down a card with the same colour and number on the card.

Best friend1 "Snap!"

Random crazy person "What?"
Best friend(s) 1 and 2 "it is called an insite joke in agmonst us you won't get it"

Random crazy person "Just like when I said lets play pizza instead of playing uno, woohey I am involved in your insite jokes"
Best friend 1 "No you have to be involved in our group to get involved in our insite jokes, and if you did it will be considered insite weirdness"
by IDoNotTakeTheCredit4ThisDef. January 25, 2010
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one of the best Fortnite female players
“Insitate is definitely one of the best female players” - plalism
by Insitate October 27, 2021
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