"How come all them geniuses acting so out of the ordinary?"
"It's something not understood by a lesser mind to understand insanity"
by Anktos April 24, 2015
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The knowledge that you’re totally, absolutely, completely normal. They’re the crazy ones.
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by Collin Moore Shenanigans May 26, 2018
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doing something over and over expecting different results
-Albert Einstein
i keep hitting this hamster... but it wont make money, this is insanity!
by Sorry, im suburban, white June 04, 2005
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Trying to solve problems,
Expecting different results,
Using the exact same methods...
Insanity, Where our society is headed if we don't learn to get along.
by theewizard@myway.com August 26, 2006
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A state of a person's consciousness when logical fallacy becomes braided with cognitive bias yielding a grossly inaccurate view of reality or any other complex issue.
To presume that we know there is a god or that voting the "right" way is going to save us is most certainly stupid or it's outright insanity!
by Thought Revolution October 24, 2016
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locking yourself in a cage for a long period of time and only you have the key to unlock it
Insanity is going to school 5 days a week knowing how much you hate it.
by World Patriot December 26, 2008
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