I couldn't remember all the ins and outs from the movie, so I just gave a summary
by Lexi-Soshi July 11, 2008
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In preperation for sex with a virgin the male enters the females vagina a few times in order to prepare the vagina for intercourse.
This technique is usually done a month or so before the actual act of sex takes place.
Whether or not this counts as sex is highly debated
Jim: Yea my girlfriend wants to fuck so we have been doing ins and outs
James: Wait so doesn't that mean you've already taken her virginity?
Jim: Yea but dont tell her
by CNM August 17, 2007
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Simply, when you are traveling somewhere in a car, on foot, on a bike and you see someone... Maybe a nice car, or someone with silly hair. Then when you are coming home or leaving your destination, you see the same nice car or person with silly hair again.
"Yo, check out that dude smoking a pipe in that silly ass Ford Focus!"
"Alright enough of that, let's get to the mall"
On the way home...
"No shit, there is that same guy smoking that pipe!"
"Ins and Outs man!"
by EA Sleezy August 23, 2013
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