a character from the anime: Kimetsu no yaiba. he a petty ass mf that doesnt give up. He can be vv mad like bakugou but thats ok cuz he hot even tho u dont see his face that much. + (bonus) he is ripped as duck.
person 1: what in hell is happening over there?
person 2: oh thats just Inosuke angrily chasing Zenitsu, ignore it .
by sakurachan88 March 31, 2020
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Inosuke is a character from the anime Demon slayer he’s such a dork and is really cocky and ambitious he looks like a girl without his boar mask off therefore he’s a trap
INOSUKE! ZENITSU! YOUR ALIVE” -Tanjiro from Demon slayer
by Fackyourchickenstrips November 11, 2019
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me. inosuke is the best boy in anime

my brother. NO SPEED WAGON IS
so on and so on
by inosuke fanboy November 2, 2021
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hes hot. nothing to it, hes just really hot.
"Inosuke Hashibira is really hot and ripped af"
by inosuke hashibira December 25, 2020
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The hotty the shotty everyone knows from demon slayer. He has dem abs. He has the voice. He is shirtless 24/7. What else do you need if you have a boar head man as a husband? SHawtyyyyyyyy.

makes your heart pound when looking at him. HAVE YOU SEEN HIM HE IS BEAUTIFUL.
"Inosuke hotty come here and kiss me, baby."

"hey Tanjiro Your not as hot as inosuke hotty"
by inosuke hotty shotty January 19, 2021
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