6 definitions by inosuke fanboy

me. inosuke is the best boy in anime

my brother. NO SPEED WAGON IS
so on and so on
by inosuke fanboy November 2, 2021
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a joke when someone says any thing with er at the end
what thers a bomber i hardly know her HEHEHWHHEHHHHHHEHEHHEHHEHEUBFHYHNUHH
by inosuke fanboy October 20, 2021
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its the alfabet
(kid)abcdefghijklmnotqrstuvwxz now i know my abcs next time wont you sing with me DAD I KNOW THE ALFABET

(dad) your adopted son

(kid) wait what

by inosuke fanboy October 8, 2021
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when you dont want to do something but you still want to be nice
mom. DO YOUR LANDRY!!!!!!
you. oh yeah.... ill do that mom.
by inosuke fanboy October 19, 2021
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