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A very beautiful girl, perhaps the prettiest girl in the whole world. She denies her beauty even though she is constantly complimented. She can be quite humble at times. And she doesn't even wear makeup!She's the girl that every guy dreams of. Her cute smile, her jumpy hair, her beautiful soothing skin. The gods created a masterpiece. Along with this beauty, must come a kind, gentle, loving, caring, and considerate girl. Injot is like an angel that drives away all your worries. Anytime you upset, she will always turn that frown upside right. Never will she let a innocent soul suffer alone. Her heart aches for others. She is truly an angel. She also an extremely strong person, mentally. She will never turn down her morals, always sticking by them. Like a judge, she always knows whats right and whats wrong. She always uses her wise and knowledgeable brain for the good. But even Injot can be put down at the worst of times. When she is even down, she needs someone to be there. To comfort her, to understand her. To listen to her every word, her every feeling, her every thought. Injot is Injot. She is not anybody else. She is herself. She will not act differently just to impress another individual. She is not afraid of what other people might think. She likes to be herself. Also, she has a good sense of humour and leans a little towards the wild side. This is just a part of her uniqueness.
Well, this is just a very very brief summary of Injot.
I love Injot.
by Bulub February 05, 2010
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a sense of happiness; the sunshine in life; something that gives meaning to life; often described to be very beautiful and elegant; associated with love
My best friend is my Injot
by Bulub February 04, 2010
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