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To forcibly insert your fist down someone's throat.
"I Ingwersen'd that bastard for eyeballing me"

"Hey shut up or I am going to Ingwersen you!"
by J.Grossen September 02, 2009
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/ Ingwersen / - ing-wer-sen. Name from the royal Swedish blood lines of the early 17th century empire.

Fire bug, known to be able seek out and locate any flammable materials in a 5km radius able to create fireballs up to fifty feet high.

Know to be the life of the party with all kinds of ridicules antics which can make the most prudent of people wet them selves with laughter.

Ingwersen, for any person that bears this name it is a mark of brilliance, excellence, massive sex drive, great in bed, teacher to the world and all round awesome person.
ingwersen, adjective. Word used to describe the beauty/handsomeness/sexiness of a lady or gentleman.

Guy1. Did you see that girl?

Guy2. Yes I did she was very ingwersen.
by peopleknowittobetrue October 22, 2009
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