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This is an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours brought on by excessive amounts of erectile dysfunction medication or sexual performance supplements. A doctor is not contacted in the case of an infiniboner. An infiniboner is usually paired together with strippers, prostitutes and cocaine with the intent of a never-ending sexual performance. It is the everlasting gobstopper or energizer bunny boner of boners.
Lamar Odom used up to 10 sexual performance supplements to land himself a legendary infiniboner at a Vegas brothel.
by Timmah!!! December 07, 2015
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This is the epitome of boners. It is the Beerus to Yamcha. It's the best of the best. It can be revered as the god of all boners. None shall surpass the sheer entity and magnitude of the might it heralds. it is said that he who wields the awesome glory of this boner shall cause instant ecstasy to ANYONE whom he comes across in this boner form. according to legend when the infiniboner comes it shall usher in the final orgy, giving all the ultimate pleasure. It will be heralded by a host of 360 perfect hoes and will come on the 2416 year on the fourth month on the 20th day on the 14400th second.
Damn Stacy it felt like i had an Infiniboner in me last night with John
by ryujin11235 April 15, 2015
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