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A portmanteau of the words infection and affectionate.

A term used to describe when two people (usually a couple) are being affectionate towards each other by means of cuddling, kissing, and everything else couples do to show their love and affection. But, at the same time of affection, one person in the couple is sick, causing the other to get sick not long after.

Kind of annoying, really.
*A couple cuddling*
Girlfriend: Oh, baby, I love you so much!
Boyfriend: I love you too!
Girlfriend: Oh..... I also have a cold, just saying...
by Sho Fo-Sho February 17, 2011
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Refers to amorous feelings/emotions which prompt one or more individuals to engage in STD-risky activities like unprotected sex.
Willie and Monnie interacted in quite an infectionate manner on several occasions while they were employed at the White House.
by QuacksO November 08, 2018
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