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Someone who is basically good at everything and does not want to be pigeon-holed as a certain "type" of engineer.

Minimum requirements for a GOOD Industrial Engineer are:

Genius level intelligence
High-level abstract thinking skills
Predominantly logic based thought patterns
Awesome computer skills

Unfortunately, since the main focus of this field is primarily undefined, it tends to also attract people who aren’t smart enough to be a particular type of engineer, or who are lazy and thrive on lack of focus. These lame few have created a bad image for Industrial Engineering as a whole and have led to the field being sarcastically referred to as “Imaginary Engineering”.
Person 1: "Is there anything that dude doesn't know?"

Person 2: "Nope, he is an Industrial Engineer"
by JoshTheMaster September 21, 2010
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Industrial engineers are not engineers in the Traditional sense. They are the "Engineers" that real Engineers make fun of during break time. In University, while Electrical and Mechanical Engineers are busy doing hard work, Industrial Engineers typically occupy their time by planning Pizza Parties among other non-engineering related activities. Industrial engineers don't typically take as many math classes as the other engineers because they often say its to hard, they also say programing is hard.
Hello, I am an Industrial Engineer, I like to play with toys all day.
by May 31, 2018
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