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Despite the implied innuendo, an industrial service is when you tip your waiter, waitress, busboy, valet, et cetera to be in on a joke with you, usually at the expense of your friends. An industrial service is not meant to be demeaning to the person being tipped, but more of a joke that you are tipping them to corroborate. Generally done for an inside joke with friends and a good story to tell, or for the vine.
Friend 1: "Man, I was so pissed when that hot waitress tripped me, but you guys were all in on it, so I kinda had to laugh along."
Friend 2: "Wait, we were in on it? What do you mean?"
Friend 1: "Evidently, Friend 3 tipped her so she would do it."
Friend 2: "Is that why she never got my drink right? She just kept giving me waters and club soda."
Friend 1: "No, that one was my industrial service."
by Yuri Tarded February 16, 2015
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