Indonesian gamer's who are also known as scammers in a sandbox game called Growtopia. If you call an Indonesian player an indog, they will curse at you and call you noob.
Indog also known as an Indonesian gamer
Hey you're an indog you scammer.
Indog go scam scam scam
Indog go bork bork
Doggo go bork bork
by WkZehWk April 19, 2018
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Native dogs of indognesia, an indigenous group. They love to swing their dongers around "kontol, kontol" in game all day and call out their fellow dogs "anjing anjing"
A: Fuck man went into a LOL match with 4 indogs yesterday, they inted hard.
B: It's normal for indogs bro, just gotta mengebiri kontol em
by Red motherducking ducks1 January 6, 2020
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Indonesian gamers who think highly of themselves.They often play Mobile Legends and they are infamous for scolding other gamers "kontol", "skin doang" and more. One good thing is that not all of them are toxic or trash, some of them are nice. There is only two kind of indo players,indog or indo.
A: Ahhh, i lost a game due to indog
B: Huh? well its expected if you have one
by SexyIndog July 7, 2020
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The worst of the worst third country gamers. Even worse than a peenoise in terms on attitude and gameplay.
A: Did u've encountered an indog before?
B: I did on my last game. F*cking worse than peenoise players
by SEA trash May 12, 2019
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Indog is short for indonesia gamers given by people in other country, the nickname carry a bad reputation such as indonesia gamer like to scam people in a game called growtopia or in other game like mobile legends arguably the most toxic game in indonesia like any other moba. Indog has some few toxic words they like to use such as 'anjing'(english for dog but anjing is mostly used in a toxic context like fuck in america) or 'kontol'.
Indogs are mostly scammers
by RAHASIA April 1, 2022
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INDOG is Mean of toxic Indonesian gamer who like to call the others "Anjing" (Dog) , Dog in Indonesian is a Rude word like "fuck"
A : anjing your Noob bro
B : AH another indog player
by MskOfiron August 10, 2021
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