When your son buys you a present and tells you what it is, then turns around and sells it before he gives it to you on Christmas. Such a Grinch act. 😢💔
A Pre Indian gift giver is when your son buys a Christmas present for his mother, tells her what it is and then turns around and sells it as he needed money. Grinch A total let down heartbreaking her heart.
by The Grinch's sister December 18, 2016
It is the way to the most brilliant investment mind that has ever lived WARREN EDWARD BUFFETT/CHARLES THOMAS MUNGER.
They really LOVE CELINE MARIE CLAUDETTE DION but all these people around her were playing dangerous narcotic games and something drastuc had to be done in sheer generosity so the USB INDIAN GIVER stepped up to bring the loan convenience to the FRENCH INDIANS like CELINE being that and set that example for CELINE and say " SIT BACK AND WATCH".
by METE MEAT MEET July 17, 2021
Giving someone a gift but expecting it back when there is a falling out or if the gift is missed too much; the term originated with early European dealings with Native Americans when trade items were misinterpreted as gifts.
An old indian once gave me a scalp that he claimed had been in his family for 140 years and was taken off one of Custer's soldiers at the Battle of Little Big Horn, but the fucking Parire Nigger was an indian giver and demanded that I give it back after an antique dealer told him it was probably worth a couple of thousand dollars.
by meandawg November 15, 2017