An orgy performed by exclusively Indians
I was really excited yesterday because my friend came over with a video of Indian Curry.
by Misty_ January 5, 2019
a food many black people tend to hate the smell of because it never comes out.
black girl 1: yo0 wats go0d wit tht smell?
black girl 2: you can still smell the indian curry?...the idians downstairs were cooking it and it got into my clothes
by ~~yahh~~ January 26, 2008
When a person's butthole is as wide as a young Indian boy's mouth is when curry is placed on the table
Damn Hashim's anus is as wide as an Indian curry hole

After getting a birmingham booty call, this chick's anus looked like an Indian curry hole
by Senor Ando March 22, 2014
This fest is when multiple Indian boys come to a singular location with handfuls of curry. they then proceed to shove it in the ass of other Indian boys or fathers. they then proceed to fart it out in the mouth of the original boys.
Oh wow Patel I cant believe you participated in an Indian Curry Fest
by Micheal Cummings January 30, 2018
he's a really short guy. he's funny but he's bad at basketball and thinks he's better than kawhi leonard.
Person 1: when do you think we should tell Indian God with Curry he's bad at basketball?
Person 2: Idk man
by Iam_Married_Sodont June 6, 2019