Someone who performs tasks even before he's been asked/hired/authorized to do so; he merely learns/overhears that something may need/be wished to be done, and so he himself steps in and completes said activity of his own accord, whether the people involved actually wish it to be performed or not. Just goes to show that you'll want to be really careful what you say when you're in the company of others --- you never know who might be listening, and then planning to carry out something that you merely mentioned about, not that you were actually asking anyone to perform for you.
MacGyver's arch-nemesis and professional gunman Murdoc takes the concept of "independent contractor" to a whole new --- and tragic --- extreme... even if the person who hires him merely wishes to have the mark scared --- or even if Murdoc's "employer" changes his mind and and no longer wishes Murdoc to perform said terrorism --- he continues to murderously pursue his mark anyway.
by QuacksO April 07, 2019
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