the best band ever that writes the best songs you will ever read or listen to. a group that will always get better with time. rock on dudes, rock on!
stellar, nebula, REDEFINE, azwethinkweiz, and warning are great songs by incubus
by Brandy Richards June 24, 2003
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brandon boyd, mike einzinger, ben kenney, jose, and dj kilmore- gods of rock and sometimes funk, for best example, buy their albums like ENJOY INCUBUS, or FUNGUS AMONGUS
by Bk james March 10, 2004
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One of the best bands made. And not saying Brandon Boyd is incubus i am saying that they would not be able to be incubus without his amazing voice.
by ndgsjs January 26, 2004
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A 5 man band who wrote more than just "Drive".

Note: Brandon Boyd is not hot. Show some love to Jose, Ben, Mike (<3) and Kilmore thanks.
The band "Incubus" have come out with other songs besides "Drive".
by M.A.E March 31, 2004
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An Inccubus is the oposite of "Succubus".
While Succubus means "Lying under" Inccubus means lying over.
And Inccubus was once an man who refused to lie over a woman and was thereby punished.
While a Succubus was once a woman, but was punished by refusing to lie under.
An Inccubus rapes woman, while the succubus rapes men.

A number of secular explanations have been offered for the origin of the incubus legends. They involve the medieval preoccupation with sin, especially sexual sins of women. Victims may have been experiencing waking dreams or sleep paralysis. Also, nocturnal arousal, orgasm or nocturnal emission could be explained by the idea of creatures causing an otherwise guilt-producing and self-conscious behavior. Alternatively, the influence of incubi could also have been invoked to explain otherwise "unexplainable" pregnancies out of wedlock.

Purported victims of incubi could have been the victims of sexual assault by a real person. Rapists may have attributed the rapes of sleeping women to demons in order to escape punishment. A friend or relative may have assaulted the victim in her sleep. The victims and, in some cases the clergy, may have found it easier to explain the attack as supernatural rather than confront the idea that the attack came from someone in a position of trust.
An Incubus visited me tonight
by Hattemann February 09, 2011
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1.A Dude or Devil or Dumbass that rapes women in their sleep
2.A Cool Kick ass Band leaded by Brandon Boyd and with guitarist Mike Einziger,Bassist Ben Kenney,Turntables Dj Chris Kilmore. and Drummer Jose Pasillas.
Original line up
Brandon Boyd(singer(still in the band)
Mike Einziger(guitarist(still in the band
Alex'Dirk Lance'Katunich(Bassist(Left the Band)
Joe Pasillas(Drummer(Still in the band)
Dj Lyfe(Gavin Koppel)(turntables)(Kicked out)
then the departure of dj lyf came dj kilmore which when he came in the band made Make Yourself and then Dirk left and Ben Kenney of the roots and blackalicuous came in and they made a new album A Corw Left Of The Murder
1.Roar or something
2.Incubus kicks ass
by John Fru August 04, 2004
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