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A perfect definition of a rock band
There is only one Incubus.
by Agnes December 20, 2003

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A restaurant in which patrons "dine" on tates in a sloppy and animalistic fashion. The "fine" dining establishment was created, built, and masterminded by none other than sole proprietor (and #1 customer) Jason P.
Jason always orders a side of dingleberries when he goes to the Tate Buffet for a late night snack.
by Agnes September 10, 2003

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A group of hoes and a pimp. As in gabi, melissa and agnes being the hoes, while ryan is the pimp. the pimp pimps the hoes....or the hoes pimp the pimp....what?! ok, yah, the 3hp is a fun group of bored ppl who dont know what to do! lol JK! I LOVE U ALL!
hell yeah, last nite we were the 3hp at the club yo!
by Agnes February 22, 2004

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a fucking hindu
ulla bulla gulla
by Agnes June 08, 2004

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