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In-com Tax-ee


1. A person who drastically changes their typical behavior to that of a higher class or status during the first months of the year as a result of receiving a refund on their income taxes.

2. A person who shows off material possessions or a falsely inflated lifestyle either in the streets or on social media as a direct result of receiving income tax refunds.

3. A guy/girl who shows affection during the first few months of the year in hopes of getting a piece of your income tax refund check.
Lisa told me to put a grocery bag over my feet before entering her "new" car, she's been acting real Income Taxy lately.

James broke up with me and is seeing other women now that he has that new gold chain, Keshia told me he would get income taxey on me.
by TheShadeRoomInc April 22, 2017
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