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A beautiful creation of God. A fun, loving and outgoing human being. If met will be more than loved. This person is a creative intellectual, as well as, a person who can laugh and be the biggest clown and turn around and have an educated debate. This is a well rounded individual with a big mind and an even bigger heart. As nice as this person is they are no one's door mat. This person is known to stand their ground, stand up for themself as well as their family. This individual is opinonated yet open minded. An authentic and rare human being. A treasure.
I love her, I want to be her, and I respect her. Her name is Shameka.
by Miss Ambitious87 February 07, 2010
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Shameka is a very smart black girl with a fat ass all the boys drool over here cause of how smart athletic and sexy she is! She is very out going but I advise you not to mess with her although she may be nice but on the outside she is one of the most intimidating ppl and if you fuck with her she will fuck you up!
She is so sexy such a Shameka!
by Jorredan January 07, 2019
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Shameka is a very beautiful girl.She is very caring,kind,funny, and nice to be around. Although she may be really awkward,but she’s only like that if you’re not close with her.She can get very crazy and it will surprise you how much energy she has bottled up.But she’ll only get like that if you open it yourself.She’s very insecure, and has a shit ton of insecurities and is always trying to change herself to get other people to like her or have a crush on her,since she thinks no one would ever like her that way and that she’s really annoying.She is such an amazing person and needs to realize that so if you ever become friends with a Shameka.First of all you have to be funny and respectful and a crackhead.If you’re none of those things then she’ll think you’re boring, she’ll also love you so much more if you actually put effort into fucking texting her,so just don’t be dry when you’re texting her!(she’ll call you out on it too).Try to help be more confident, and always be there for her because she’s very soft and her feelings get hurt easily, and from my experience my friend Shameka is always really awkward and she stutters a lot, so if you ever meet one in person be really energetic,and carry the conversation.I’m sure if you do that once she will absolutely drool over you.Remember to do it more then once though and if you continue you’ll both be carrying the conversation so it’s not forced!Once you get a Shameka to love you she won’t stop and she’ll never forget you
That girl is so interesting, unique, and cute at the same time such a Shameka!
by Jorredan November 01, 2019
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