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When you have to scrunch your abs to be able to do 69
He was so tall he had to do the inch worm to be able to 69 me
by Erolongdong June 15, 2018
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An attempt to slowly "inch" your hand into another individuals genitals, often not welcomed and typically man on man. Commonly this uncomfortable advance is spurred on by large volumes of alcohol consumption
"Dude that Drunk Closet-Homosexual Son of a Bitch just tried to Inch Worm his way into my pants"
by Taight March 22, 2010
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juju: fuck foo have you seen g-eyes ex-man??? homegirl:who that foo ziggy??? juju:yeah foo i been tryna get at that foo since middle school, last night that foo came over all drunk with that foo spencer with his pants all falling and shit haha!!that foo straight got a fucken inch worm! homegirl: for real eww you like everyone foo serio! juju: so what! fuck it i'll still let em hit!!
by MS.DRAMA February 28, 2010
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A teeny tiny penis that you can't do NOTHING with. no orgies with this one ladies.
Marcy: My cousin Jonah has an inchworm. He has had it all the 15 years of his life and it never grows.

Percy: Where did he get that? i once caught a caterpillar and it only lasted a few days. Maybe i pet it too was so cute though... Does Jonah ever pet his inchworm?

Marcy: who ho ho ohhh ya. He pets it ALL the time... but nothing ever happens...Its just too small.

Percy: Really? He has had his inchworm for 15 years, but he never grows and is really tiny?

Marcy: You got that right.
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Standing with your two feet close together. Keeping your legs straight, stretch down and puting your hands on the floors directly in front of you.

Begin by walking your hands forward slowly, alternating your left and your right. As you do so, bend only at the hip, keeping your legs straight.
Keeping your body is parallel to the ground in a pushup position.
keep your hands in place and slowly take short steps with your feet, moving only a few inches at a time.
Continue walking until your feet are by hour hands, keeping your legs straight as you do so.
When you have dreams to be a Wisconsin Badger, inchworms will perpare you to do so. Talk to Big Dave if you need any further help.
by Merrill High Memes November 22, 2016
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