Of or being included in incest.
I come from an incestual past.
I am partaking in incestual activities.
by Randy Murray July 29, 2003
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The act of being sexually attracted to your own family.
God DWAM my daddy be lookin hot in those jeans.

I haven't been this attracted to someone since my brother was around.

I know my kid is only 6 but holy shit it's tsunami down there.

I was born and incestual...it's not my fault.
by IFUCKKIDS April 8, 2014
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The act of having too much or to many interrelationships with a group, such as a company, church or family.
" I feel sure they will fill the empty Director's Position with someone from within as this ______( company, city or organization) is so incestuous when it comes to hiring."
by Billydeal June 19, 2018
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The predisposition to fantasize about engaging in sexual intercourse with the members of one's own immediate family group. i.e. Father, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Mother, Son. This condition is admonished by the general population but is very much alive in the minds of everyday people. At times (probably more often than not) people do enact these fantasies.
I was having sex with my gf last night and as I was cumming I said "OH MOM" and busted an incestuous load inside her!

I had an incestuous affair with my grandmother she used to give me blow jobs and let me tit fuck her!

My incestuous sister has a great pussy!
by el gabong August 24, 2009
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verb. the being of incest
you are an incestuous person
by LI DIK MEEM August 10, 2009
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A synonym for gross, sick, and disgusting.

Not to be confused with incestuous, which actually pertains to incest.

"Eww I don't want to see your scab dude, that shit is incestual"
by D&N October 17, 2008
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The result of incest.
Mum went out to the barn with Uncle Fred and nine months later, out popped brother Leslie, the incestuous bastard.
by bummed out October 30, 2009
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