3 definitions by el gabong

1. Any food that can be passed off as Mexican simply by adding a tortilla to which Mexicans are attracted to like a moth to a flame.

2. Taco Bell.
Person 1. Hey dude where are you going for lunch?
Person 2. To Taco Bell!
Person 1. You'd better hold on tight to your bag, Taco Bell is the most powerful BEANER BAIT! " Yo Quiero Taco Bell".
by el gabong October 27, 2009
The predisposition to fantasize about engaging in sexual intercourse with the members of one's own immediate family group. i.e. Father, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Mother, Son. This condition is admonished by the general population but is very much alive in the minds of everyday people. At times (probably more often than not) people do enact these fantasies.
I was having sex with my gf last night and as I was cumming I said "OH MOM" and busted an incestuous load inside her!

I had an incestuous affair with my grandmother she used to give me blow jobs and let me tit fuck her!

My incestuous sister has a great pussy!
by el gabong August 24, 2009
When your own mother takes your erect penis in her hand and and guides it into her warm, wet, hairy vagina on your birthday and squeezes your balls with her hand and your penis with her vaginal muscles while you perform intercourse until you ejaculate internally and leave her a dripping wet creampie.
My mom loves me!

We are all born of incest if you believe the Bible.
I had a great birthday!
by el gabong August 17, 2009