- Any device that is not explosive but extremely flammable and will cause a sizable fire

- A flammable liquid in a container that is ignited and thrown
See Molotov Cocktail

- A flammable liquid in a container that is ignited by timer or fuse

- An incendiary fuse
Ex. cigarette + 3 matches + piece of paper, held together by a rubber band
an incendiary device was thrown at the victem's home
by GBowski July 17, 2004
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A bowel movement that leaves your asshole with a burning sensation. This condition may result from consumption of large quantities of sharp cheddar and crackers. There is no known cure, you just have to wait it out.
"Fuck, I just dropped a severe deuce."
"Severe? How so?"
"That shit was an incendiary ass is on fire!"
by spodacus January 17, 2008
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Facebook Incendiary: NOUN, often shortened to FBI

1. one who is obsessed with gaining recognition for clever, witty, or deep musings.
2. one who can never achieve definition 1
3. often cannot spell, this renders them irritating to SPELLING and GRAMMAR POLICE
4. the odour of chan4 lingers around them.
Did you just see Conor Henry's latest status?
Yeah bro, he's such a Facebook Incendiary--it's annoying, but i like it.
by thekidwiththevoice March 18, 2011
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Crusader slang for a Christmas Tree/Solstice Tree. So named because of its traditional Pagan origin and it's uncanny ability to start tragic house fires during the Holidays.
Ibelin left a cigarrette near the Wiccan incendiary device in Xena's house. In 45 seconds the living room was engulfed.

Ron and Aleister took turns hanging pentacles on the Wiccan Incendiary device on Xmas eve.

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