Inazuma is just a Nation/Region of Teyvat. It has lightnings and the god/archon of it is Baal/Raiden shogun
Person: hey! Have you gone to inazuma?
Person2: Yes! It was very deadly there phew! I almost died by lightning.
Person: what was it like?
Person2: Theres a god in that nation named Raiden shogun! Nickname Baal.
Person:Wow! She is electro? And what happened there?
Person2:There was a vision hunt there and I got into a fight with her! I couldnt use my cryo power cause she blocked my power!
by qiaoAshx August 24, 2021
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A heavily underrated sports anime. Has based plot and unlike other sports anime doesn't get boring. Better than Haikyuu, with hotter fangirls. Only the original season is good, rest are crony underfunded money making shit by the studio.

Has slice of life too. Literally an anti-suifuel for some karen weebs. The OST matches AoT tier or better (in positive environment).
Inazuma eleven is the best anime ever!

Haikyuu is boring bruh, literally uses all mechanics in S3. Inazuma Eleven has better plot.

Big titty anime lover? Must be an ina11 fan.

I jammed to Inazuma ost for past 2 hours.
by hinocansuckass October 16, 2021
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a shoujo anime that's suppose to be about soccer, but it's really about the budding relationship between endou and gouenji before gouenji turned to drugs and became the seitei
friend: have you watched inazuma eleven?
me: why won't endou and gouenji kiss? have you seen all the screentime they get together? they are BOYFRIENDS.
by tatchi January 24, 2012
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