A phrase that turns something simple, into a sexual joke. Kind of like "that's what she said" but just better. It is the next best thing, and is one of the most flexible jokes.
Girl: Aww.... my fortune cookie says I'm gonna have bad luck!!!
Boy: In the back of a car!!!

In a fight.

Don't mess with me!!!!


guy 1: Let's get this started!
guy 2: that's what she said!
guy 3: In the back of a car!
by Hide_and_Seek March 23, 2012
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To be familiar with something or somebody for a long time.
"Of course I know Dee; she and I go back like car seats."
by K. Itty May 11, 2005
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When a girl is so ugly you wouldn’t even do anal with her.
That chick is gross I wouldn’t back my car in her garage.
by Teacher Taz June 27, 2021
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To be different to society, usually having a different sexuality
That guy lives at the back of the car.
by CrimesAngel January 21, 2018
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