When a homie takes something too literally and actually gets offended. They will act like they're not upset but their mood and demeanor completely changes.
Bro I was just fucking joking I don't know why you're in your chest.
by Keemmcmeme November 1, 2022
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Say it confidently without fear of the possible backlash. Often used in a situation whereby somebody is saying something controversial or something that may get them in trouble or even something petty to poke fun at someone. The person will often attempt to conceal their view by manipulating their words so what they are saying becomes less obvious or appears less harsh to the listener. This can be done consciously or carelessly by the person speaker, the latter case revealing something about the way the speaker thinks about the issue.
Karen: "All you people know is drugs and violence"
Will: "Ermm excuse me... Who's 'you people'? Do you mean black people? Say it with your chest then. I dare you... I'm waiting."
by Noah Fletcher July 13, 2020
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To push forward your chest whenl talking smack to an individual to make it appear as though you are stronger than you actually are.
Chimo: What you say to me, bitch?
Tyronne: Say it with your chest nigga!
by Albinogangster September 18, 2013
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Another way of saying "whatever" if someone says something you dont care much to hear.
Person 1: I think you should apologize for what you said....
Person 2: Rub it on your chest.
by Adiktd May 12, 2007
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To say something or exclaim something with passion and emotion, usually anger

Synonym of pull up
Come pull up! What do you have to say? Speak with your chest!”
by btheestallion July 15, 2019
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