In reference to the current time or times, usually used to introduce or bring a subject to light in the current time.
Man, in times like these I really wish I could get a loan.
by Time1995 November 23, 2016
A term used by commercials made during the COVID19 pandemic. It’s meant to make the company sound like they’ll support you during this pandemic but in reality they just want money
“In times like these everyone needs to stick together. Thats why you should buy a car.”
“Oh my god shut the fuck up about your fucking car Gerald.”
by Auntie Cleo February 23, 2021
When one has concerns bigger than the relationship between their bottoms and their bottom wears.
Dude, can you put your pants on already?! I find it strange I have to ask twice...

...Pants at a time like this?!!
by diddy kong June 18, 2011
To wait for further developments just like democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama is waiting to become the next president of the United States of America with Senator Joe Biden as his running mate.
Person 1: Are you going to get that new car that you have been looking at and talking about for that last couple of months?
Person 2: No, not right now. I am Biden my time like Obama until I see how the current economic situation pans out.
by BluDragon September 10, 2008