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A synonym for the phrase "In Love", from the 2010 movie SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. Used as a way to confess that one is in love, but in an ironic comic fashion that deflates the sincerity of the emotion, thereby making it easier to say. Otherwise simply stating affection for anything. Derived from scenes in the film where the character Scott, played by Canadian actor Michael Cera, is urged to declare his feelings and use the "L Word", which Scott confuses with the Showtime cable TV series that refers to lesbians. Scott later tries to tell the object of his affection that he is in love with her but mixes his words up and comically states that he is "in lesbians" with Ramona.
hipster guy: I'm in lesbians with you.
hipster girl: lol. That's cute. But seriously, I want to hear it for real.
hipster guy: I lesbian you?
hipster girl: Okay it's not funny anymore. Say it..
hipster guy: You are my one and only true lesbian.
hipster girl: We're breaking up.
by waltereg0 August 15, 2010
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