The phrase in apex legends is just a meme you could see it in every YouTubers title
Friend: My parents just died
by BorgeYT February 16, 2021
The only game TSM_Myth can't die of fall damage in.
Myth: I love Apex Legends chat.

Chat: why?

Myth: I don't die of fall damage
by Faze ali ninja March 11, 2019
A fantastic game which a lot of hot sexy straight men and women play who have sex 15 times a week
Me: I love apex legends
Some gay kid in my class who plays fortnite on a daily basis: Fortnite is better, that’s why I’m a fucking virgin because I play fortnite
by Repeltings May 2, 2019
When Fortnite was sitting on the throne, Apex Legends came in and was like, "bitch get the fuck outta my room"
Apex Legends beat Fortnite, throwing Epic Games off the throne and onto the floor.
by urjs February 19, 2019
A Battle Royale game where you play as different characters called “legends”.
A game that only sexy women and hot men play, unlike Fortnite which is filled with fat sweaty virgins.
Man, I wish I could find a girl but I play fortnite instead of apex legends...
Guess I’ll just be gay.
by RaiD_Saint February 8, 2019
A First Person Shooter class based Battle Royale. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment, who is also responsible for the Titanfall series. You and 2 other players team up and drop. Basically the whole "battle royale game" scenario. There are currently 10 different legends to choose from (8 since you have to purchase Mirage and Caustic, thanks EA). There are 10 legends. Mirage, the holographic trickster, who can make digital clones of himself, Wraith, the dimensional traveler, Pathfinder, a robot looking for his creator and can use grapples and ziplines to travel, Caustic, a sociopath who can use toxic gas to trap his victims, Bloodhound, a masked tracker who can see other players' footprints, Lifeline, an energetic combat medic, Bangalore, a former military weapons expert, Octane, an adrenaline junkie who lost his legs in a grenade blast, Wattson, a girl who designed the containment ring in King's canyon and is great for perimiter control, and Gibraltar. A heavy-like legend who focuses on helping his team. Like other battle royale games, the arena is constantly shrinking. But, with the class based system, you can choose how you play (like Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch). And unlike Fortnite or PUBG, Apex Legends makes you play in 3 man squads and tells you how many players and teams are left. There are 3 ways to win a game of Apex Legends: Work as a team and slaughter the others, camp and hide until 1 person remains, or get carried.
So, whats your favorite FPS Class based game?

Apex Legends, duh
by Gamr kid 76 July 17, 2019