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Imran is the most handsome man you could ever meet. He will always make you smile and will always be there for you. He will help you through bad times and though good times. He will be that guy that will always be in your heart forever.
Oh my god i think an Imran just walked by.
by Thumbs up:DD October 24, 2011
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Is the second coming of the messiah
Seen by many as a God of his own ways.
Has a small, but growing, people dedicated to worshiping him.
All praise IMRAN for he is the mighty diety of the new generation!
by IMRAN IS GOD April 17, 2006
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to argue in an overly and unnecessarily forceful manner about trivial matters which, could otherwise be resolved quickly.

Synonyms: to be pugnacious, to be aggressively argumentative, to be fucking stupid.
A: Where shall we eat?
B: Burritos?
C: We should not get a burrito for three reasons. I submit it to you that...
by PSilikefeet... February 23, 2012
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A squid like creature who is found in the deepest of caves in the Indian Ocean. Some believe that Imran is a legend but countless eye witnesses proove this mystical creatures exsistance. His name can also be spelt Imern.
Imran likes to shugg and play billiards.
by shuggmiester April 19, 2006
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