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A website where you post images. A good idea at first glance, but the community is not good. Every post has to relate to them or they will down-vote you and every post/comment you have written. Its a place where crotchety old hipster art critics who have won at least 20 internet arguments go to bash whatever reddit and 4chan bashed last week. Originally a website to host photos for reddit, it has since developed its own community that is best described as a deer watching humans interact for 15 muinites and trying to copy them. The deer is Imgur and the people are 4chan and reddit. Also, the deer is passive aggressive and socially inept and cant accept that they live with their 2 parents at home. Go at your own risk to the place that is like 9gag, but not exactly facebook.
Person 1: Hey do you go onto imgur?
Person 2: Yeah, i guess it was ok.
Person 1: Yeah as long as you look at the pictures and dont pay much attention to the commu-
Person 2: Is that Elsa fucking the snowman dude?
Person 1: Ignore that, thats posted every other week, anyways, just ignore the community and its fine.
by Cynical Grand King September 14, 2014
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Reddit's gay little brother. Imgur is a site full of sheltered high moral fags. They worship puppies, cats, and self righteousness among users. They also pride themselves in being "the wittiest people on the internet", which is retarded since things like "+1 for ______" always manage to take the top comment. If you don't know "top comment" is the comment which receives the most upvotes, these little queers would fight to the death for this honour.

A little piece of advice if you're going to imgur, don't. If you comment, you better be prepared to be downvoted to hell if your views aren't exactly the same as theirs. Imgur is also full of unoriginal jokes, and overused memes that should've died a long time.
Imgur fag 1: "+1 for anything Arrested Development!" (Top comment)

Imgur fag 2: "+1 for +1"

Imgur fag 3: "Gosh, we're so witty. Upvotes for all!" (This type of shit would take second top, or even top sometimes.)
by CanYouSmellWhatImCooking September 23, 2012
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Imgur is a semi-popular internet picture sharing site. The userhood of Imgur is considered much more emotional and understanding than most of the internet, though sometimes people tend to go there and get "karma points" by sharing a pic and claiming they have adopted an abandoned animal or something. Usually Imgur is full of pictures of cute animals, memes, and sometimes you can actually see funny pictures too. Imgur is often used as the photobase of pictures on Reddit.
Imgur is a good place to find pictures of cute animals.
by Geronimou February 09, 2012
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The greatest image site. Full of the all the wonders and magic of the interwebs. Be forewarned, time has been known to quicken in this realm.
I spent half a day on Imgur, and it was the greatest 6 hours of my life.
by elzorroloco February 09, 2012
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It's like reddit but friendlier, or 9gag but not 9gag because 9gag sucks hairy balls, its like 4chan but not soul eating, its everything you could want in a website and more. Imgur is a great place to spend an afternoon.
Also it has a lot of cats...A LOT of cats.
"Hey man you been on imgur lately?"
"Yea dude you see that post about the ____?"
"Yea dude, i was laughing for hours!"
by i_love_imgur February 09, 2012
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A website that displays a range of images that contain memes, cats, dogs, stupid people, political statements, and general asshatery. Acts as a haven for middle-aged, single women obsessed with cats and other "cute" animals; wannabe political activists; and is one giant self-perpetuating circle jerk.

Tries to differentiate itself from Reddit, but no one really cares.
Did you see the new images on Imgur? They're all cat reposts from last month!
by fancypants212 February 09, 2012
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Like Reddit, but full of idiots. The comments section on any picture is disturbingly similar to the comments section on an /r/circlejerk post. Instead of having meaningful discussions like Reddit, they spend all day looking at cats, reading sob stories that are obviously bullshit, posting selfies, and posting albums about how much of an asshole their boyfriend was today, comprised entirely of irrelevant Disney gifs. Again, these stories are obviously bullshit.

The comments section is a mess. Imgur is similar to Reddit in that they downvote any opinion that does not agree with their own. As such, most of the top comments are something along the lines of "+1, I laughed!", "+1 for Game of Thrones/funny word that you used in the post everyone else read!", "I genuinely chortled (a word imgur loves to use) out loud, good sir/madam, have my upvote!", "To the front page with you!" and much, much more. A good amount of posts on imgur are reposts, and most of the comments are.

User sub:

Imgur was created to host Reddit's pictures, but later someone decided to give it it's own community that can post their own pictures. User sub was born: A shithole that most of the sob stories/selfies/disney gif stories/Tom Hiddleston fangirl posts come from. People that browse it like to think they're special because of it, but they're not.

In short, it's a horrible site with horrible people and the only reason I still go there is when I want to see pictures from Reddit.

Stick to Reddit.
"Have my upvote, I laughed! +1!"

- A typical Imgur comment.
by Chowderz December 30, 2013
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