It's like reddit, If reddit didn't suck so much.
"Imgur is fucking LEGEND-and I hope you're not lactose intolerant, cause the next part is-DARY." -NPH
by slr8692 February 09, 2012
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A website comprised of multiple cat pictures and grammar Nazis.
Boy 1: Dude, did you go on Imgur today?
Boy 2: Why yes, I did. The cats that were *found* were exceptionally cute today.
by PoisonLeaf February 11, 2012
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An image sharing website where cats and other adorable animals are the most common subject along with the occasional inspiring/moving/tear-jerking photos that the Imgur community feels are worth sharing. Images are given with select captions and the community then vies for "upvotes" to reach the coveted "Top Caption" status and thus attain the ever-coveted Notoriety rating of Glorious.
1) Imgur: it's better than 9gag

2) A: Where can I find gratuitous amounts of cat images?
B: Imgur, duh.

3)I should be studying for my tests, but I've got time to check Imgur for just a few minutes. (Common misconception as Imgur has proven to be more addictive than Cocaine to the "Internet People" that inhabit its realm.)
by Ajwstevens February 09, 2012
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Noun: A petty online community with a collective inferiority complex.

Imgur is a safe haven for maladjusted social rejects and misanthropes with daddy issues.
Do not make the mistake of sharing new or different opinions with these people; they don't like them. Anything that isn't a cat, an attractive woman, or a bare-faced lie will be instantly downvoted.

The downvote is the favoured weapon (real weapons scare them) of the emotionally fragile, thin-skinned imgur user, allowing them the only control over their lives that they have, and letting them live in a magical little fairy world where they get to pretend that opinions that threaten their delicate sensibilities don't exist.
This is a safe space for losers to project their self-hatred onto normal people. A place where cowards hide behind names faker than their personalities to spew hatred at people whose opinions don't fit with theirs. A hallowed ground for wannabe tough guys to come to be the third rate high school bullies they've always wanted to be, but never could be in the real world, because in the real world you actually face consequences for sending death threats to people because you don't like their decisions, or telling people to kill themselves when they have opinions that don't fit in with yours.
I expressed an opinion on imgur and recieved 15 downvotes in the space of 10 minutes.
by narglewarglewoo August 07, 2016
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A site that supplies memes, cat pictures, and other photos including text meant to be read in Morgan Freeman's voice.
"Did you see that meme about college seniors on Imgur today?" - Kid A

by anonymouserz February 09, 2012
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A meeting place on the internet where individuals who are typically whitty yet forever alone share images and comment on them in a manner that provides enjoyment for all. Users also have the ability to "upvote" or "downvote" both images as well as captions submitted for those images. Ideally a user will attempt to increase their reputation or notoriety by evoking the larger community to provide them with as many upvotes as possible without exposing exaclt how close to Virgin Level 100 they truely are.
I typically upvote any image on Imgur that has to deal with cats, especially if they provide the proper amount of D'awww.
by condigs February 09, 2012
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Where all memes and people that can't take jokes come to die.
(Ex) I nearly drowned yesterday...

The experience was breath-taking


\ \
\ type your comment here... \

Imgur user123: you memes suck!
Me: ;-;
by SoulYT May 19, 2017
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