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An extremely fine girl who is very confused and most times doesn't know what decisions are the best and smartest for her but if you help her with that then it'll make it easier and faster and she truly deserves the world but had gotten used by the wrong people for the wrong things. Always will make you feel loved and if you love her back she expects to make it until forever with you. Wants to be loved as much as she loves you. Very smart and intelligent but some times slow and funny. She prolly gon need your help all the time but then not notice how much you've helped and might accidentally mistreat you but she tries her best to notice and fix her mistakes before they become problems. She is so so attractive and has such a fun personality but because of that there's gonna be alot of drama started from other people all the time but if you choose to ignore it all then no problems will be started at all tbh. You prolly finna make it a long way with her but after a while things are gonna slowly change and you really gotta give all you got just so that you don't lose the Love of Your Life. She needs real love and theres only one person that has that for her
Ilonna is everything you'll ever need.
by Devin Gutierrez October 11, 2019
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