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The craziest fucked up Mexican best friend you will ever get!! shes lazy, strong-willed, crazy, creepy as fuck, loving, a good cuddler/pillow, and laughs at every. single. fucking. thing. ITS AMAZING. shes one of the best people youll ever meet. when you meet her don't let go!! especially if youre the lucky guy ;) ;)
Guy 1 " Damn, who is that sexy bitch?!"
Guy 2 " Dude that's Ilianna!! shes amazing!!"
GUy 1 " No kidding!! I wish I was her man. look at all that sexy mexicanness."

Girl 1 " wow. shes soooo pretty."
Girl 2 " I know right, I wish I looked like her :( "
Girl 1 " me too, I wish we were best friends."
by SexyFish Mother Fucka December 15, 2013
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A girl who is actually really beautiful on the outside, but ugly on the inside. She will lie, cheat, and just is not a good person
“Hey who’s that?”
“Oh that’s Ilianna.”
“She’s really pretty!”
Yeah but she’s a jerk.”
by sksksksk_ew September 28, 2019
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a quiet little mexican girl that cant mop or speak spanish. she usually has her sister cook for her because she doesnt know how to. She loves egg tacos.
she is such an ilianna
by urbuddies!!!! September 12, 2012
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Ilianna is the name of a girl that is smart, beautiful, kind hearted, sassy, and crazy wild. She is the crazy fucked up, dirty best friend you will ever get!!! But she always has a resting bitch face or a stank face and will never pass a chance to make her friends laugh. But She’s low-key creepy as fuck and acts gay with her friends. She’s one of the most amazingly weird people you’ll ever meet. But don’t forget she is crazy protective over her friends so if you cross her friends you’ve crossed her so good luck cause she’ll be coming after you next!! She also can be bold and not be afraid to speak her mind, and be quiet and chill at the same time . She’s very very loyal and you’ll be happy to have her as a friend or something more ;)
Guy : who’s that hot chick

Girl : Bitch that’s my bestfrand Ilianna and she’s wild crazy and loyal

Guy : damn she’s a whole snack lemme get a price of dat kit cat bar

Girl : bye f boy
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by Amy Fernandez August 14, 2019
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