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Little person who walks around you, without you noticing him whatsoever. He talks, but only to say non-important bollocks, and thinks photosinthesis has something to do with flash photography.
He is over all very nice, but can sometimes annoy.
Lets his imagination carry him away, sometimes mistaking true life and dreams.
He is subjected to his own feelings, and lives in his own little world to avoid pain and self- harm.
He also hates a randomer called John, for some odd reason
John: so yeah, Kyle is such an Iheb man.
Iheb : Dude, I'm here. PHOTOSYNTHESIS !!!
John: Did I just hear someone yell about photography ?
Iheb: I'm here !!!!! pay attention to me !!!!
John: huh? i think i can smell cookies.
(walks off)
by KenzaBB December 15, 2008
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