a very happy or peaceful period or situation.
it was an idyll period of my life full of color and excitement
by it's d queen June 5, 2020
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idyllic is a common peaceful place that is left normal or unharmed
the idyllic setting of New york made it the perfect target for 9/11
Villages are Idyllic because they are small and unheard of
by ej the dj January 23, 2007
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Love relationship between two people that is generally lived with high intensity in a short period of time
They met last week and have been in an Idyll since then
by DeepObsession August 26, 2020
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A poem that describes the aspects of country life. Also, a subject fit for such poem.
I'm a poet, so I will write an idyll.
by Seshie October 13, 2008
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