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A young man’s penis (used to not weird out your mom when you’re talking to friends about dumbass memes while your sitting at the dinner table eating and watching Shrek 2)
“Did you hear about the girl dating Ethan Jones?”

“No, what happened?”
“They hugged and her pink pencil broke through her pants and went up his leg!”
by ej the dj February 27, 2019
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idyllic is a common peaceful place that is left normal or unharmed
the idyllic setting of New york made it the perfect target for 9/11
Villages are Idyllic because they are small and unheard of
by ej the dj January 23, 2007
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“Damn, did you see that skake?”
Yeah bro, I need to go get her @”
by ej the dj September 26, 2020
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