the short term for identity v (aka the best game ever) which has segsy characters like Mary (bloody queen) and Edgar (painter), the game is like an updated version of glee the facility
me: Mary from idv is so segsy I just want her to peg me
Friend: what’s idv
Me: it seems you have chosen death
by Shuissegsy December 30, 2020
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Meaning "I don't virgin", idv is a way to show that you cannot relate to someone or their ideas, often in a very direct and condescending way. It doesn't hate on the mythological race of virgins, rather it is meant to emphasize that you and the individual are on different planes of existence.
Barry: anime is legit the greatest form of entertainment ever conjured by humanity and is the pinnacle of evolution
Chad: idv, sorry lad.
by Norwegian schoolboy January 20, 2020
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The day that everyone who plays Identity V (IDV) could spam the word "Thank You!" in the game match and in the server chat. This day can be celebrated on any day, so what are you waiting for gamers,- go for it! Also, don't forget to spam "Thank You!" when someone got hit or downed within 5 seconds in when the game started!
Oh, this person just got TERROR SHOCK, let's spam "Thank You!" to be their moral support, and to celebrate the National IDV Thank You Day.
by IdentityV (not) Ofiicial April 11, 2021
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